"Tuesday Licensing Indonesia is a licensing agency for leading media properties in Indonesia. We represent international companies interested in building licensing business opportunities for their brands."

What is Licensing?

Licensing means leasing an intangible asset. It is a process of creating and managing agreements between the owner of a brand or intellectual property (Licensor) and a company or individual who wants to use the brand in association with their product (Licensee) — for an agreed period of time, within an agreed territory— in return for payment (royalty or percentage of sales). Brand licensing therefore produces financial income for the Licensor

How does it work?

A licensing agreement grants a manufacturer the right to develop, market and sell approved products (leveraging the licensor’s brand name or logo or any licensable assets) to approved retailers. Steps are as below:

  • 1. Licensor grants their products to be licensed by Tuesday. Licensor will then needed to supply agent with logos and artworks.
  • 2. As a licensing agent, Tuesday will negotiate deals with the best Licensees in Indonesia.
  • 3. Chosen Licensees will then manufacture and sell approved products to approved retailers.